December 2012:

A few years ago the SRF Walrus forum disappeared from the internet.

It used to be at EZboard address

EZboard was apparently replaced by But there too the forum disappeared and only parts of it are currently available.

I found the board to be a great help in the process of my coming to terms with the negative parts of my former srf membership. This doesn't mean I agree with all the postings. Far from it. Nor do I know in what spirit many postings were written. But it sure helped me to get detached from the negative parts of my srf past.

The positive parts I am glad and happy to embrace and enjoy...

I found it very helpful and thought it would be a shame if it were to be lost. And I realized that the internet is a very volatile medium.

That's when I, back in 2006,decided to download the whole website, as completely as possible, with an automatic website downloader.

Lately I searched the internet for the SRF Walrus website and found that nothing substantial could be found. That's when I decided to share my copy of the backup with whoever finds it useful.

It used to be a forum. Used to be. No longer so. It is just a back-up. No postings possible, no new threads etc.

Remember: many links are "dead", especially those leading to the former EZboard and yuku sites.

Take it as it is. This site is merely a backup and has no merit of its own. It may be here one year... or longer. I'm not sure yet.

You may want to post remarks in a form. This will never be published but ends up in some google drive spreadsheet I have acces to. From time to time I will check there. If I consider questions, information or feedback relevant, I may react. However, I probably won't. For me it was a one-time thing.

Walrus, if you read this, hope you're happy your work isn't entirely lost.

This site is meant to help those who look for means to come to terms with their srf past or present. I sure hope some will benefit and none will take offence. If you take offense: leave (this site) and may the force be with you; if you have benefitted: great! In all cases: peace and love to all of you!...  Former SRF member.

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